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Software Export:

SyberWurx' programming services have included Finance Modules, Sales, Target & Inquiry Systems, Inventory Management Systems, Purchase Order Tracking systems, Computerized Personnel Management Systems, Product Data Management, Material Requirement Planning Systems, Production Monitoring Systems etc. It has proven development capability in AIX, AS/400 Native Mode, AS/400 SQL, Access, Assembler AutoCAD, BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, Clipper, dBASE, DEC, DOS, FORTRAN, FOXBASE, FoxPro, LISP, LAN, Lotus Notes, PL/1, Macintosh OS, OS/2, OS/400, Oracle, Pascal, RPG, UNIX/LINUX, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro.

SyberWurx's Branch Offices in Canada are staffed by qualified Software Engineers and System Analysts who will help you in reducing your developmental costs while assuring improved project completion times. Coding will be done in Pakistan by SyberWurx's Pakistan Bureau.
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